Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Upcoming changes, The T1 Project, and FCing...all rolled into one spot!

As I had stated in my note yesterday, I have been extremely busy as of late.  With having been said, there are some excellent things going on in the world of New Eden which also make for a good series of topics to write on.

First off we are going to start with the upcoming changes in the Winter Expansion.  I am only going to give my opinion on them as Azual already has an excellent breakdown and analysis of them here.  I think this is going to be freaking awesome!  New ships, Hybrid weaps adjustment, hybrid boats adjustment, new T2 items?  I mean come on, short of the Dramiel rebalancing(i refuse to call it a nerf because it is still fittable and still the fastest.) who wouldn't love all this?  Caldari and Gallente ships have needed some bringing up to par for awhile now, especially in the pvp department.  Seeing what the Talos and Naga are bring to the table almost makes me giggle like a Brony out of happiness. The fact the speed, agility, and hybrid buff also helps the Deimos, Thorax, Brutix, Eagle, Moa, Rohk, Hyperion, and Megathron makes my spine shiver! TARANIS"S OF EPIC DOOM ANYONE?  I suspect all off these will get balanced out as time goes on, but expect hybrid boats to be a little more OP out of the gate.

The Destroyer buff also makes me real happy.  A morph from glass pea-shooter to glass cannon?  YES PLEASE! This will give an entire new meaning to the term Wolfpack! Hmmm, that reminds me that I had better stock up on some of these ships before the prices skyrocket lol.

Oneiros.  I am really just taking peoples word for it that the buffs are kickass as I don't fly Logi yet.  With that said I am looking forward to flying them here in the not too distant future!

The T1 Frig Project

Ok so I have been a little lazy in the last week.  I have gone out a couple of times and found nothing to fight except large gangs and gatecamps.  I am also making up an order for the rest of my ships and modules and that will motivate me further. 

FC Update

Next installment will be up possibly tonight but more than likely tomorrow.  Will be a nice ditty about how to force a fight onto your terms.  Exciting stuff indeed!

So until next time take care readers and fly dangerously!  Talos and Naga inc!

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