Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The T1 Frig Project - Day 1

I do not plan on writing an AAR a day for each of the ships but doing a weekly synapses of all the fights.  With that said, Day 1 was defenitely worth it!

Started out in Rifter #1 and decided to head to western Syndi to look around there.  Got into 3KNK and say a Punisher from The Ronin sitting at a tac about 218km off of the gate.  Asked for a 1v1 in local with no response, so I started burning towards him hoping he was AFK.  About 110km from the gate he warped down to me at range (100km off of gate so 10 from me) and accepted the 1v1 in local.  Fight on!  Was a pretty close fight tbh. We were both neck and neck into structure when his dual box alt battle buzz uncloaked and atrted blowing my face in with rockets :(. This is where it got interesting.

After being podded I burned back to 3KNK in a Ranis hoping to get sweet revenge. Sure as shit there he was, fully repped and waiting 100km off the gate. Not able to pass it up i burned to him and started round 2.  2/3 of the way into his armor the buzz uncloaked like I thought it would. Unfortunately, I over thought my capabilities and blew up, but not before killing the punisher pilot and getting the buzz into structure(should have brought an ishkur instead :P ).

I headed back to 31- in my pod fully intending to taske a break. After a talk with a corpmate decided on taking out my ishkur for a little roam to the north.  No Dice.  With it being pretty quiet I headed back home and take a little break.

About an hour later I cam back and shipped up in another Ranis and decided to head ack to 3KNK.  As soon as I entered the system I recieved a friendly invite to 1v1.  Was nervous at first as the buzzard pilot was in system and he was of same corp/alliance, but he assured me it would be a honored 1v1.  We fleeted up and made a midsafe to battle at.  As I was in warp I casually hit DScan to see what he was flying. Shit. A Sentinal. TBH I do not know a lot about this ship other then its nickname, the Baby Curse. Well honor is honor :).  I dropped out of warp 17km off and started my habitual spiral to the target.  I had just entered scram/web range, applied both, applied nos and fired one volley when I was capped out. Oh great, here we go, or so I thought! After about 4 minutes of me getting just enough cap to shoot once, rescram, and rep once I caught a break.  He ran out of cap!  And that is all it took. 1-0 Rylia!

He quickly asked me to repair and let him reship for round two(think Ronin bases there some times) which I happily oblidged.  He undocked and headed to the midsafe again and I quickly followed.  This time he opted for a Jaguar, which made me a little nervous since they have 50 ways you can fit one lol.  I dropped out 10km off of him and immediately applied scram/web and tried getting some transversal.  This fight didn't last but a minute as I completely annihilated him.  I was a little confused as I had just started dipping into structure when he popped. Figured it would hurt more I guess haha.

I was surprised when he asked for round three!  This time he wanted to do it off the undock of one station in system, as when we had our last fight a small nano cruiser gang had come through.  I was a little nervous thinking him to be mad, but seeing only us in local figured, what the hell.  I sat offgrid of the chosen station and waited for him to give green light and warped in. His final ship choice? A Vengeance.  Now i was a little concerned lol as missiles (or rockets for that matter) hit no matter what and I knew this would hurt.  I let him get first engage on this one and promptly lost all shields.  I overheated everything dropped my pair of drones and lit him up.  I was at 30% structure when he started dipping into it and gritting my teeth, popped him! Structure tanks for the win! Rylia 3 enemy-0. 

So even though I got pwned in my rifter, it turned into a very productive night of 1v1 in my Inty, which is one of my ships of choice.  More to come here soon!

PS. Boomrider!!! Great fights and great conversation afterword! See ya in my sights soon!

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