Sunday, October 2, 2011

And now for a taste of things to come...

So here..we...go!  Okay, so that is a semi cheesy intro to start a blog.  Oh well going to run with it haha!

The plan I had when starting this is fairly simple.  To be able to relate my own experiences in Eve and to also perhaps make my own mark in the world with my own guides and tips.  Bear with my grammer as I have not written anything remotely serious in almost 2 decades.  I will get better with time, just expect a sloppy start lol.

Here is a little history on myself.  I have been playing Eve on and off since 2008, with a more hardcore surge earlier this year after my retirement from WoW.  My original plan was to be an industrialist and miner, with an eventual branch into PvP.  Little did I realize that branch wold come far sooner then I expected lol.  Like a lot of new players I started out in E-UNI(Eve University for those rare souls who do not know).  Played there for a few months, made some new friends, and ultimately started looking fr a 0.0 pvp corp after a few Ops here.  In March of this year made the move to Syndax a newer corp formed of veteran players in the long standing X-Legio alliance. Had some fun in the Great Wildlands Coalition, but like in the past with other games I came just as it was all crumbling into fodder. After wa brief search of pvp corperations to try out i ultimately decided to apply to Agony Unleashed.

I have learned a ridiculous amount of stuff since starting my trial almost 3 months ago and will share some of my insights and ideas along with some of my personal(alothough not fight changing lol) tactics and ship ideas in testing phases.  Hopefully I make Core here in next couple weeks and will be able to continue to provide some good reads.  I plan on doing so anyway, however if I have to move on it will be awhile bfore another post.

Be n the lookout for new posts and updates. The idea is to make this weekly(biweekly at the most).  Already working on my first major indepth look at Droneboats!  So stay turned and prepare to learn the very fine art of dying!



  1. Good luck with the blog. Having another Agony blog to read makes Toterra happy :)