Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The things that go on in my head.....

Howdy Pod Pilots!

So as I have been having issues deciding what to write about this week, I am just going to do a quick recap of the last 10 days or so on here.

1. I still suck at grammar and writing! Not much of a recap I know! It has been a long 17 years since my last creative writing class, let alone being able to remember what I learned in said class lol.

2. First PvP mistake of the year! I did not DScan into a fight. I heard a corpmate yell that they were tackled by an ares and a sabre.  They did not mention the other 15 frigs that were also coming into our W-space! I warped my Ishtar at 0 to the hole knowing I could kill the "single Inty and DIC" and was surprised by an entire gang!  Was my first time podded in w-space, and from my Corp's Residence hole at that!!  Quite the costly Oops!!! if you ask me!.

3. A couple weekends ago we got a good jump on some hole crashers trying to crash out our farm chain.  This netted in about 8 BS kills and a pair of Archons! While not so much news worthy to some, having had to go AFG shortly after joining SSC, I had only had about 1 maybe 2 other Cap kills in game.  Definitely exciting!

4. The 11th was my birthday!  Hopefully I enjoy 33 better than I did 32! Yup, I am an old fart.  Get over it!  I am compiling a list of stuff I want for my Bday that my girlfriend is actually going to get me here in a few weeks.  Hoping for a licensed copy of FRAPS, some video editing software(more on that in a few) and her going in halfway on a 16GB RAM Upgrade and a 250GB SSD for my laptop.

5. Trying to find my focus..and Alt number 5. With all the ship rebalances that have occurred and have yet to take place I have once again found myself staring at EVEMon and EveHQ and trying to find a place of focus for my toons.  I really want to try out the new Marauders before they get nerfed to oblivion.  Unfortunately none of my chars have BS 5 yet.  My main is closest to marauders with all other required skills except a racial BS(will be Gall due to having large hybrids only for now).  I also want to get into Caps. I think I have a skill plan set for my main and my main Combat alt that will have me where I want to be with both of those by fall(you know, when everything has changed again lol)  I also brought back to life an old mining alt!  I know what you are thinking " EW, DIRTY CAREBEAR MINER!!!! KILL HIIIIIIIIM!!!!"  I am not fond f it either, but found enough to have two mining alts and skilling my freighter pilot into an Orca and Rorqual.  The truth is that I spend a lot of time just sitting in space on my main either scanning or waiting for farming or pvp opportunities.  Mining lets me pay minimal attention to the game, make isk, and spend some much needed time with my family.  Nothing wrong with that, right? By October I will have 2 Perfect Miners and a Mining Booster Pilot. not a shabby way o make some extra isk during the occasional lull of w-space.

6. What I want the Vid Editing software for is I am thinking, due to my lack of knowledge of proper writing skills, of starting a Vlog instead :). Hopefully I will have that underway before too long, probably a late spring early summer launch.

7. Well I have already published this just as I remembered the most important thing I did. I factory restored my notebook yesterday to clear up some garbage and all I can say is WOW! Back to good speeds and 5 Eve clients! Also trying out some browsers I hav not used in ages.  Having been a FireFox guy for awhile I am trying out Pale Moon.  So far seems to have all of the features of FF and is a bit faster and more responsive!  I will have to keep you all posted on that! 

Well that is all that is new in my world!  See you guys next week for I am off to the Belts to carebear some isk!

Fly Dangerously o7


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