Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 in a sucked!

So I know I had posted a "Returning to New Eden" post back in January, and while I fully intended to be back full time, that little thing called real life kicked me right in the you know what. This is a run down of my year and what I look forward to in 2014!

So we will start off with Eve and go on from there.  Earlier this year I made the heart wrenching decision to leave Agony Unleashed and search out a different avenue of play within New Eden.  Due to my divorce (more on that later) and some personal issues, I just didn't have the time to not only devote to Agony but to continue my isk streams so I could continue making ships go boom and lose mine in the process.So what does one with time and isk constraints do? Look into Wormholes of course!!!  I have been a member of Future Corps of the Sleeper Social Club now for almost 11 months.  W-space is definitely different and it has helped my wallet(and my killboard) grow.  I have been on my first capital ship Killmail here, lost my first T3, and made some good new friends.  As this blog continues to grow I will posting my adventures (obviously leaving out secure details), ship fit ideas, fleet doctrine ideas, and general nonsense from here on out! 
This doesn't mean I am done with my FC series.  While I am insanely rusty at FCing and pvp in general, once I am back on my feet in w-space and in FCing I will continue that post.  I have a ton to catch up on over two expansions and also getting my skills up to snuff.

So now that we have delved over Eve and my return, now on to what caused my absence.  As some of you may or may not remember my Dad passed away last December and I got divorced very shortly thereafter.  Th loss of my emotional support and the wall I always leaned on when times were tough sent me into a deep depression.  Between that and the financial woes of being divorced and have child support to pay I didn't have the money OR the motivation to put into Eve (more the money for subbing) I know I could have used plex on my accounts, but I just didn't have the desire at the time.  This depression almost cost me everything I had, my new girlfriend (more into her next paragraph), my job and my kids.  I managed to lose almost 40lbs though not eating and stress.  I haven't weighed under 220lbs since my sophomore year of high school..and let me tell ya, that was some time ago!  My peak drop was 189lbs but thankfully I am back up to around 210 due to hitting the gym hard in the last month and a half.  My salvation came from a most unlikely place as well.  Not my band, not my boss or co workers, and not my kids.  But from someone I had been friends with for a few years and had been there for me every step of the way.  When I was at my absolute lowest and most had given up on me or stepped away from the situation, she stepped in and picked me up and held me and promised me everything would be okay.

Toryn and I met back in 2011 at a Spineshank concert that my band was opening for.  A mutual friend had invited her to the show and the rest is kinda history.  We hit it off as friends like none other.  Our personalities, likes and dislikes, musical tastes, sports preferences, movies choices, and senses of humor made for a very epic and awesome combo. She quickly became one of my closest friends.  After the divorce I realized that chances come once in a lifetime.  My ex wife and I knew for years that divorce was inevitable, but ignored it due to our children.  The last 10 months of dating Toryn have been a godsend and a blessing like non other.  We recently moved in with each other,, nullifying most of my stress over losing my house to the bank, and what my kids were going to be able to do when visiting me.  It has pulled so many burdens off of both of us and allowed me to regain who I once was and gain back that light of life in my eyes and the smile on my has also allowed me to become financially stable enough to resub to Eve!

Other things I have explored while I was away was League of Legends (I'll make a post about that later this week lol) SWTOR, and the Assassin's Creed line of games.  I also worked more on writing music for my band, working on my JDM 180SX Type-X, and trying to avoid stress at all costs.

Even though I normally don't like to get personal with blogs and I know that you, the readers, want to see more Evecentric posts I felt I needed to share with my readers and the community at large what had happened to me  This has been a terrible year with the exception of a couple band gigs, my new found love and savior Toryn, and my children.  I am excited to be back amongst you all and look forward to seeing you in the comments and in space. 

Those of you that have moved on from the game but still read what is happening I will miss you.  The influential members of the community that have helped me grow as a pilot I thank you.  Gizznit, Rynnik, Glepp, Azoul, Carver, Greygal, maze9, Xrend, Arceris, Eion Xis, Alistone, Ronat, Rake, Sancho and any others I may have missed.  You have all had an impact on my career and those that remain will continue to do so. Those that have moved on from the game I will miss you and your contributions, however, know this.  That which you have taught me, and everyone else you came in contact with, will stick around for the rest of time in Eve!

Ok enough of a Sobfest. I am back and better than ever.  I hope to hear from you guys in the comments below.  If you can think of any topics you would like me to write about leave them in the comments as well.  I suck with graphics and photo embedding or I would ask Azoul if I could take over his Know Thy Enemy series lol.  Remember to share this, subscribe, and spread the word!  When new updates are posted I will drop a line on my twitter feed!

Fly dangerously New Eden!

Happy Holidays!
Rylia Szet

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